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Name:John Livien
Birthdate:Feb 20
Location:United States of America
Before God, there was music.

That's what I've always said. Now, I don't know if the music's still there. If the music's not there, does that mean God's gone too? It feels empty enough inside me to make me believe that everything's gone. If there's no music, what's the point of living? No, there's no more suicidal thoughts. It's only a question. I don't know how to exist without what I used to have.

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Name: John Livien
Age: 20s
Occupation: Musician
Bandmates: Owen and Robby
Marital Status: Married to Emi, who is expecting their first child
Parents: Rose (deceased) and Colin


John Livien is a fictional character from the film Shooting Livien. This journal is for writing and entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended. This journal is not affiliated with Jason Behr.

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